Avignon Estate was established in 2006 on 26 hectacres of rural land, divided into 62 plots, hiking trails, and open spaces boasting superb vistas.  Each property has a minimum size of 1000 square meters. The Estate was carefully laid out to provide every residence unique mountain, forest, harbor, and ocean views with maximum privacy.  Strict architectural and design guidelines, based on a “country French” Avignon theme, allow residences to blend harmoniously into the landscape.

The Estate boasts state-of-the art security systems, designed to be user friendly and unobtrusive.  This allows families living on the Estate to enjoy a country lifestyle of outside living in a truly remarkable natural setting.  The Estate residents and management have placed a premium on landscaping and gardening, using indigenous trees and plants to create a sustainable environment consisting of many paths, including a lovely ravine walkway, a meandering Protea garden, a large well-equipped playground, and many public open areas.  

Avignon Estate plays a strong role in the community, contributing to local community efforts and participating regularly in meeting with Hout Bay civic organizations.  Residents have been drawn to live in Avignon by the availability of a treasure-trove of nearby attractions, first-rate schools (including the fully accredited Hout Bay International School), and close proximity to larger urban areas and cultural attractions.  

The Hout Bay area offers excellent hiking, biking, beach, equestrian, dining, jogging and social opportunities.  Indeed, as a small and diverse community with a large international community, Hout Bay provides something for everyone.   

Residents view Avignon as an excellent blend of fine rural living, community belonging, healthy tranquility, and the ability to pursue professional and social aspirations in a setting that is good for families.  

The residents and management of Avignon Estate strive to provide a safe, secure, and harmonious community guided by the principles of environmental sustainability, community well being, and prudent investment.

Historical Aerial Photos